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If you own or are about to purchase a boat powered by dual Yanmar diesel engines up to 450hp, you have an all-new drive system option. The ZF Pod Drive System powered by Yanmar has been developed to provide you with fingertip control over high speed handling of your boat. Just as importantly, it will allow you to maneuver and dock with unequalled ease and precision. As a bonus, you can take advantage of significant improvements in top-end performance, cruising speed and fuel economy. Overall efficiency gain can be as much as 25%, facilitating the use of lower power engines for the same boat speed.

In a twin installation, each Pod Drive moves and can be steered independently. This results in excellent turning efficiency and superb responsiveness. Reliable, smooth, electric power steers the Drives. Automated trim-tabs improve the performance and tilt angle during acceleration.

The joystick control system is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. One hand controls the entire system, giving you total command of your vessel.

The system is compact and light in weight, consisting of a transmission unit, control system and counter-rotating propellers. Draft is reduced, due to installation in a tunnel. Hydrodynamic design and the positioning of the propellers counteract drag to gain performance. Rubber mounts reduce gear noise and vibration, to give you a quiet, comfortable ride. Engine exhaust is virtually eliminated by venting through the propeller hubs.

Thrust from the ZF Pod Drive powered by Yanmar is horizontal, allowing the full power from the engines to drive the boat forward, instead of wastefully pushing down the bow. Rotational losses are eliminated, no lateral forces are produced and cavitation is reduced markedly. Increased blade dimensions permit larger gear ratios to be used.

The Pod Drive is designed for safety. Two sacrificial pieces are incorporated into the system. One is the fin below the unit, the second is the entire immersed section. Both are secured by special bolts that will break away in the case of impact, absorbing the energy created and thereby avoiding damage to the hull. Should the Pod Drive hit underwater debris, the aft-facing propellers are protected by the gearcase and skeg. Because the Pod is mounted in a tunnel, the torpedo shape of the drive is the same depth as the keel and most floating objects will be deflected downwards and away.

Now you can enjoy your boating to the fullest, with unparalleled safety, control and performance. And remember that no matter where you buy your Yanmar-powered craft, no matter where you might take it, you can rely on expert and efficient support from a fully trained and extensively equipped international service dealer network.


Depending on boat and operational conditions, you can expect up to:

  • 30% improvement in fuel economy
  • 15% increase in top speed
  • 15% bonus in cruising speed

ZF Pod 2800 for Yanmar 6LY3-STP engines, pleasure duty rated
ZF Pod 2500 for Yanmar 6LY3-UTP engines, pleasure duty rated

Performance and Precision

  • For Yanmar diesel engines up to 450mhp
  • For planing and non-planing boats
  • Superb handling and manoeuvrability
  • Horizontal thrust resulting in full use of power from the engines
  • Counter-rotating props stop rotational losses and minimize cavitation
  • Intuitive single-handed joystick control from the cockpit
  • Computerized control maintains a fixed heading within a tight area
  • New design, low weight electric steering system
  • Rubber mountings significantly reduce noise and vibration
  • Hydrodynamic design reduces drag and improves performance
  • Increased fuel economy, longer range, higher speeds