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Drive Systems from Torqeedo

The world's most advanced electric propulsion systems come from the Starnberg region of Germany – numerous tests as well as national and international journalists agree. And users choose a Torqeedo more frequently than any other electric drive system for their boat.

Torqeedo drives include outboards from 1 to 80 HP, inboards from 40 to 80 HP and hybrid drives for yachts up to 160 HP. We also offer intelligent battery technology, a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

Superior technology, clean uncompromising drive systems. Come and see for yourself!


What the superior convenience of Torqeedo drive systems offer:

Simple maneuvering.The motors don't need any idling throttle, have strong propulsive power at slow motor speeds and are extremely easy to maneuver thanks to their continuously adjustable forward/reverse movement.
Simple charging.From any power socket. Or – depending on the model – solar-chargeable.
No noise.So quiet that you can converse normally on board even at full speed.
No fuel costs.Fill her up? Forget it – one Travel charge, for example, costs approximately 7 cents. And that's enough at slow speed for over 10 hours.
No pollution.No leaking petrol or oil, making transport a clean affair. And you no longer get your hands dirty with a Torqeedo.

Five good reasons why Torqeedo outboard motors are the world's best-selling boat drives.




The world record in overall efficiency: greater range for electric boats

Optimizing overall efficiency is at the core of our drive development. Overall efficiency is defined as the actual propulsive power of the drive (measured after deducting all losses including propeller loss) divided by the input power. The concept sounds simple and the logic behind it is compelling. And yet overall efficiency is largely ignored – perhaps because it is less important for combustion engines. However, it is extremely important for electric drive systems. That's why you will find it with Torqeedo when we describe what's important for us and in our technical specifications.

Superior drive technology means superior overall efficiency!

In order to build the most efficient drives on the market we focus uncompromisingly on high-tech – and on the careful optimization and alignment of all components of the drive train. We minimize losses in propeller, gears, motor, electronics and cables while taking into account the interaction e.g. between motor and propeller.

Performance and safety: Torqeedo lithium battery technology

When you buy lithium batteries you always get a powerful battery. But whether you get a safe battery is a different matter. Torqeedo has been the market leader in lithium batteries in the marine industry since entering the market in 2006. Our six-tier safety system is, in our opinion, the most comprehensive safety concept in the marine industry.

Plug & Play: convenient marine equipment packages

We wish to make the switch to alternative sustainable boat drives as uncomplicated for you as possible. For this reason, all the components that you typically need come with the Torqeedo drive system that you buy. All the components already communicate with each other, too. The on-board computer with GPS-based calculation of the remaining range is also part of the standard equipment. Useful accessories include our smartphone app, spare batteries, tiller extensions, transport bags and a whole lot more. In short, everything to make using Torqeedo motors even simpler and more practical.

Cleaner than petrol outboards

Torqeedo drives cause no water pollution with exhaust gases, oil or petrol. With regard to their carbon footprint, they are superior to combustion motors in a wheel-to-wheel comparison. This means that they pollute the atmosphere far less than combustion engines even when all the outboard's production steps and power supply are taken into consideration. The reason for the better carbon footprint of Torqeedo's electric drive systems is their low, resource-saving weight together with their dramatically lower power requirements in operation.