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C3M Series


C3M-2500, C3M-100

Basic Specifications

  • 12V or 24V
  • Auto Start Version Available
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Display
  • Rugged, Water Tight Housing
  • Simple Set-Up and Operation
  • Large, Tactile Buttons
  • Settings are Password Protected
  • Display Auto Temp Compensation
  • Extreme Cold Version Available

Standard Full Engine Display

  • Engine Temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Hours
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Level %

Control Panel Shutdown Protections

  • Panel Shutdowns for Low Oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Over Speed, Low Fuel Level and Low Battery (Selectable Levels)
  • Red (Alarm) or Yellow (Pre Alarm) Lamp
  • Shutdown Message Displayed

Standard Features

  • Alarm Log – Last 16 Alarm Events (Hour Tag)
  • Event Log – Last 16 Engine Start/Stops (Hour Tag)
  • English and Metric Display (Selectable)
  • Pre Heat Countdown (Selectable)

Auto Start Version

  • Sleep Mode for Minimum Current Draw
  • Countdown to Start on Display (Selectable Time Period)

Digital Flex Input

  • Typically Used for Shut Down
  • Normally Open or Normally Closed (Selectable)
  • Select Existing Message or Customize
  • Note: This input not available with auto start version

Fuel Level Input

  • For Fuel Level Display and Shutdown

Flex Outputs

  • Four 5 Amp Form A Relays (Configurable)
  • Typically Used for External Pre Alarm, Alarm or Run Signal


  • The C3M Series Typically Utilizes Stewart Warner Resistive Senders for Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and Fuel Level
  • CI Provides Senders, Engine Harnesses, Wiring Diagrams and Other Support Information

uCAN Series


J1939 CAN Bus Engine Controller


The uCANTM Engine Control Panel combines the uCANTM Module with a key switch, powder coated steel mount and harness for complete engine control for SAE J1939 electronic engines (12VDC and 24VDC). The panel is easy-to-read, easy-touse and simple to install. All components are water tight. Auto start is available (P/N C3-100-AS)


Large backlit display with ½" characters. Six full-time display parameters.



Alarms & Shutdowns

Engine protection is provided with easy-to-read display messages and indication lamps (red and yellow) for pre alarm and alarm conditions. The display provides the SPN.FMI trouble code, the number of occurrences and a descriptive message.




The enclosure is water tight, constructed of a durable polycarbonate with an industrial overlay made of autotext polyester. The heavy-duty package provides protection and longevity for off-highway industrial applications exposed to vibration, UV, chemicals, solvents, diesel fuel, oil, etc.

Throttle Control

Three throttle control configurations are available (Selectable).

  • Defined Range – Select min and max rpm settings, operate within range
  • Two State – Two speed settings
  • Three State – Three speed settings


Large tactile dome buttons to insure positive feedback for operators with gloves.


A water tight 14-pin connector is utilized for simple plug-in installation.

Flex Inputs/Outputs

The controller flex input and flex outputs are configurable to be normally open or closed and can be assigned for different functions. Customer specific display messages can be implemented for each input or output.