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Bold cuts follow the popular engine cover design already featured on the DF20A/15A/9.9B and DF30A/25A. The new Nebular Black color of the body and new decals make for a stylish design. Our pursuit of progress was guided by the development concepts of “lightweight” and “easy operation.” Overhauling the existing design has achieved a comprehensive weight reduction and improved operability. We increased fuel efficiency through a bold redesign of the lubricating system, starting with a first-in-its-class oil filter, and use of an offset crankshaft. Packed with features, such as an integral overhead fuel tank for improved maintenance, a new tilt system and an easy-to-grip carrying handle, which can prove their worth in a variety of operating conditions, the DF6A and DF4A have established themselves as the standard for portable outboards.


In addition to a reinvigorated and stylish appearance, the newly designed and developed Suzuki DF6A and DF4A boast the unrivaled lightweight, 51.8 lbs (S-shaft models). Lighter weight has improved portability as well as operability.

Easy To Start After Storage

Because the integral overhead fuel tank and one-way valve allow gravity fuel supply, the engine can be started without opening the engine cover, even after long-term storage.

Highly Reliable Lubricating System

The forced lubrication system of the DF6A and DF4A has an additional oil passage to the upper and lower crankshaft and connecting rod big end. The addition of a first-in-its-class** oil filter greatly increases the reliability of the lubricating system. Furthermore, the new position of the oil window allows for visual confirmation of the actual lubricating condition.

Offset Crankshaft

Positioning the crankshaft slightly off center of the cylinder reduces lateral pressure against the cylinder wall as the piston moves up and down in the cylinder. The result is smoother piston movement, which improves operating efficiency.

Quiet Operation

The low noise level is the result of a silencer, designed to optimize the capacity and shape of the air intake. The new design of the rocker arm and the plane bearing of the crankshaft also help reduce the noise level. We also changed the structure of the parts related to the rocker arm and eliminated its excessive play. In addition, we changed the crankshaft bearing from a common ball type to a plane type.

Three-Way Storage

The new fuel and lubricating systems allow more convenient storage of the outboard on any of three sides (port, starboard or front) without worrying about the storage orientation.

New Tilt System

The tilt system of the DF6A and DF4A offers different up-and-down paths of the shallow drive arm compared with the previous models. When raised, it can be locked at three positions. When lowered, it can just be smoothly moved to its lowest position without locking.

Outstanding Handle Operation

An ease of handling that has enjoyed great popularity. Further improvements to the tiller handle have successfully mitigated vibrations contributing to fatigue and stress when transmitted to the hand during operation. The DF6A and DF4A excel at vibration mitigation, particularly in the mid-range.

Improved Portability

The carrying handle integrated into the lower cover has been rounded and made easier to hold. An additional grip at the front of the lower engine cover provides the convenience of carrying the outboard with both hands.

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion System

Suzuki protects its outboards with an anti-corrosion finish specially developed by Suzuki. Applied directly to the aluminum surface it maximizes the bond between the finish and the surface, increasing the protection and durability of parts that are constantly exposed to saltwater.

Lower Emissions, Efficient Operation

Suzuki’s advanced four-stroke technologies deliver highly efficient operation and lower emissions. This allows Suzuki outboards to conform to some of the world’s strictest standards and receive a three-star rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

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