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Mecc Alte is a world leader in the production of synchronous alternators. The standard products of our company are listed in this section, divided into four categories for simplicity of consultation.

Nevertheless, we wish to specify that Mecc Alte also produces customised products alongside the standard production, according to customers’ needs.

The entire productive cycle, from the phase of design to production, is supported by an efficient and dependable customer care service, to offer our customers a highly professional service, in step with the times.

Marelli Generators

4 Poles - LV Synchronous Generators

6 Poles - LV Synchronous Generators

8 Poles - LV Synchronous Generators

Marathon Electric is a manufacturer of electric generators designed for standby or prime duty in industrial, marine and commercial applications.  Through the MagnaPlus and MagnaMax designs, product ratings are available from 5 kW to 2000 kW, up to 480 volts, single or three phase .  Special products include 400Hz generators and medium voltage ratings up to 6600 volts.  The LimaMac design offers superior performance in motor starting applications where high starting current requirements are a concern.