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Since the launch the JCB Dieselmax engine in 2005, it has been an amazing success story. Now with hundreds of thousands in service throughout the world in numerous and varied applications, they have built a formidable reputation for performance and reliability with both JCB machine equipment and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The Performance You Need

  • Power curves from 63kW to 120kW (84hp to 161hp)
  • Torque outputs up 750 Nm. Concentrating on high torque at low engine speeds producing the ultimate engine for driveability and machine productivity
  • Up to 60kW (80hp) from twin auxiliary engine PTO's fitted as standard to OEM specification engines to power a range hydraulic pumps, air braking compressors and other attachments
  • Efficient design giving your customers the benefit of reduced whole life costs in both fuel consumption and servicing costs
  • An advanced, highly developed combustion system allowing the most efficient process with low in cylinder emissions
  • Four valves per cylinder offering the most efficient gas flows resulting in exceptional load acceptance and transient performance capability
  • Carefully matched fuel and turbo charging systems allowing the most productive and efficient performance throughout the engine speed and load range
  • A range of rotary mechanical and High Pressure Common rail fuel systems dependant upon engine rating, emissions requirements and desired technology relative to the operating territory.

Robustness – An Engine That Can Cope In All Applications And Operating Environments

  • Crankcase & bedplate designed and matched as heavy-duty, stiff structures with extra reserves of strength
  • Increased crankshaft dimensions taking increased, impact and sustained high loads in it's stride
  • A heavy-duty rear engine geartrain designed for exceptional Power Take Off capability and low noise signature
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gearcase and flywheel housings providing increased strength for the most challenging of installation and Powertrain mounting conditions.
  • Simplicity inherent in the design providing the most straightforward and direct solutions in engine design
  • JCB engineered options and auxiliaries allow you to take advantage of our Industry expertise and experience.

Reliability – Designed For Longer Life

  • The robust heavy-duty structures keep the moving parts running smoothly throughout the engine life
  • Attention to detail - The latest premium sealing technologies preventing component fluid leaks
  • An engine capable of higher outputs making it ultra reliable operating at anything less than 100% load factors
  • Auto-tensioned auxiliary drive belt (poly-vee type) reducing servicing requirements and maintaining reliability of driven components such as air conditioning compressors, alternators and water pump.
  • Cast iron water pump body and impeller – designed to be a fit for life item
  • 4.2kW heavy-duty starter motor providing the most efficient torque transfer and the best start-ability even in the harshest of cold climates
  • Critical engine electrical connections utilise the very latest premium quality connector types and sealing arrangements.
  • Attention to detail – Low pressure fuel system designed to protect the core engine and it`s components from operating life issues in the worst known operating territories in the world.

Low Noise – Making Your Machine Operator’s Life And The Surrounding Environment More Comfortable

  • The heavy-duty, rigid bedplate and crankcase structure has the effect of reducing overall vibration and therefore reducing noise signature
  • Rear geartrain encapsulated in a heavy-duty cast iron structure reducing noise levels
  • Detailed attention given to the gear profile design and high grade tolerance control of the gear form and backlash values further reducing noise levels
  • Laminar steel oil pan design acting as an isolator - deadening sound that normally propagates from this sometimes over looked area of diesel engine design.
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Dis. Litres
Engine Model
Engine Type
Emission Cert
Max Power*Max Torque*
Basic spec sheet
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 55 74 2200 400 295 1200-1300 PDF
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 68 91 2200 433 319 1500 PDF
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 81 109 2200 516 381 1500 PDF
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 93 125 2200 550 406 1500 PDF
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 108 145 2200 560 413 1500 PDF
Ecomax 4.4 TCAE Electronic EPA Tier 4 Interim - EU Stage 3B 129 173 2200 690 509 1500 PDF