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Clean Emissions
Building off the Yanmar reputation for clean, quiet, fuel efficient and reliable compact diesel engines MINIMAX has achieved compliance with 2008 EPA Tier IV and EU stage III A exhaust emissions regulations.

Reliable, Durable, and Quiet
MINIMAX offers enhanced noise and vibration characteristics due to its Ladder Frame block design, a stiffer crank and pistons and finer tolerance in the journal. Gear noise reduction is achieved through an improved gear tooth profile resulting in less mechanical noise.

Fuel Delivery and Economy
A newly designed, in-line MC type rotary fuel injector pump is utilized to assure more precise fuel delivery, and control. The result is reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of applications and good fuel economy which assures that Yanmar’s reputation for superior starting characteristics continues.

Ultra-Compact and High Performance
MINIMAX offers best-in-class power density as measured by the ratio of the engine’s output relative to the engine’s overall external dimensions.

Easy Installation
With 176 mm wide base, MINIMAX engines are an easy replacement for most major applications in this displacement category.

Standard Engine Equipment

Intake manifold and exhaust manifold
Exhaust manifold gasket (shipped loose)

Lubrication System
1.2 L Capacity Shallow Oil Pan
Trochoid Oil Pump
Paper Element Oil Filter
Oil Pressure Switch
Crankcase Breather, Closed Type

Electrical System
12V, 20 Amp Alternator
12V Starter Motor
12V Super Quick Glow Plugs
Preheat Relay (shipped loose)
Preheat Timer, 15 second (shipped loose)
Stop Solenoid Timer, 1 second (shipped loose)

Fuel System
In-line MC Fuel Injection Pump
12V Electric Fuel Pump (shipped loose)
Paper Element Fuel Filter
Water Separator (shipped loose)
Stop Solenoid, Integral to Fuel Injection Pump

Cooling System
Water Pump, Belt Driven
5-Blade, 290mm Cooling Fan—Puller Type
70 degree Thermostat
Temperature Switch
Fan Belt

Power Take Off
Flywheel, SAE 7 1/2”