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Guardex Style "M/I"
A three-piece double crowned tooth coupling, with nylon sleeve and steel hubs. Used in electric motor driven equipment to 300HP (nominal torque ratings to 11,000 in#). Available in various designs for ease of engagement and disengagement. Perfectly interchangeable with popular European designs of the same type.

Guardex Curved Jaw Coupling
Specifically made to reduce edge pressure. Hubs are produced from a variety of materials, including aluminum, gray iron, sintered steel, nodular iron, and stainless steel. The spider elements are available in urethane & Hytrel. Great for electric motor driven pumps, gearboxes, and conveyors. Designed to be failsafe, and will continue to run if element fails. Good for reversing loads, due to compressive nature of design.

Guardex "LJW" Straight Jaw Coupling
A three-piece "all purpose" steel jaw coupling, available in eleven sizes (L035-L225). This coupling is perfectly interchangeable with other popular domestic brands of the same design. Very economical!

A three-piece, highly-elastic design perfect for one, two, or three cylinder diesel driven equipment. Accepts bores up to 5" (127mm), and torque capacities to 21,000 in. Used on a wide variety of applications including light towers, gen sets, compressors, and more.