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Designed, built and proven by Yanmar, the all-new ZT350 sterndrive is the perfect match for Yanmar’s BY and LP marine diesel engines. The ZT350 is unsurpassed for new installations and ideal for repowering.

The propulsion system is the heartbeat of your boat. It meets all of those renowned Yanmar qualities of performance, reliability, and durability. Now, high technology engines and leading edge drives are available in an all-Yanmar power package, brought together for the very best in boating enjoyment.

The quiet, hydrodynamic ZT350 has a new type of hydraulic clutch for exceptional smoothness, precision forged gears for extra-long life, two counter-rotating propellers for superb acceleration and tight-hold tracking, and large rudder dimensions for superior handling on single and twin engine boats. All with low noise, corrosion protection and minimized maintenance.

Performance & Precision

  • Hydraulic clutch for shockless engagement
  • Precision-forged teeth gears for durability and long life
  • Counter-rotating propellers for best acceleration and tracking
  • Through-hub exhaust with lower back pressure
  • Complete with power steering and power trim
  • Same installation dimensions as previously-fitted drives
  • Reduction ratios 1.65 / 1.78 / 1.97 / 2.18
Yanmar ZT350 Sterndrive
Maximum Horsepower 350mhp @ 3800rpm
Maximum Input Speed 4000rpm
Maximum Input Torque 650Nm (350mhp @ 3800rpm)
460Nm (260mhp @ 4000rpm)
Gear Ratios
LP Series
BY Series
Steering Angle 30 degrees
Tilt Angle 51 degrees
Trim Zone –6 degrees to 10 degrees
Propeller System Counter rotating twin propellers
Propeller Range 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 inches
Propeller Input Counter clockwise
Front Propeller Rotation Counter clockwise
Rear Propeller Rotation Clockwise
Clutch System Hydraulic multi-friction plate
Shift Control System Mechanical / Electro-magnetic
Power Steering System Mechanical cable with hydraulic power assist
Trim / Tilt System Hydraulic power
Exhaust System Integral through hub
Water Pick-up System Integral through drive
Anti-Corrosion System Electronic active control
Mass (Weight) 112kg / 247 lbs (with Yanmar propellers)