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Asco 300 Series



In the telecommunications industry, providing a high level of service and dependability is crucial. Lost power means an interruption in service for your customers and lost business for your company. For instance, with cell sites scattered across a wide geographical region and in many remote areas, the chances of an interruption in power are increased, making Automatic Transfer Switches a valuable resource at each location. To maintain dependable service, each cell site must be monitored 24 hours a day. This can be very difficult without some type of remote monitoring and testing capability. The Series 300 Transfer Switch, combined with ASCO’s monitoring and control management system, is a cost-effective, packaged solution which can help meet both of these challenging objectives without a major investment at each cell site. With ASCO’s connectivity solutions you can remotely monitor and control numerous sites from around the corner or around the world.

Commercial/Retail, Light Industrial

The retail industry is very competitive. An electrical power failure can have a dramatic impact on a retailer’s bottom line. If power is interrupted during peak shopping times, the effect could be extremely damaging to present and future business. A power interruption will not only suspend shopping, it can also create safety problems, result in lost transaction data, lost account information and damage to data collection equipment. In addition, retailers who rely on controlled climates to protect valuable inventory could suffer even greater losses, especially if the power failure occurs at a time when no one is available to rectify the situation. To avoid any of these power outage problems, simply install a backup generator with an ASCO Series 300 Transfer Switch and power outage concerns will be a thing of the past.


The ASCO Series 300 Transfer Switch can be a critical component of a municipal government’s emergency power backup system. Residents of townships, cities and counties rely on police, fire, ambulance/first aid and other critical public sector services. An interruption in power would affect the ability of emergency services to effectively respond to the needs of the community. When time is a critical factor, such as when responding to a fire alarm or an emergency call, an ASCO Series 300 Transfer Switch can be a lifesaver, switching power to the backup generator. While not all municipal services are a matter of life and death, they are always expected to be there.


Maintaining electrical power is vital to an agriculture operation. If the flow of power is interrupted, your operation could be at risk unless the backup generator is quickly activated. A prolonged power outage can affect numerous aspects of the operation, from housing and feeding livestock to processing and producing the end product. With an ASCO Series 300 Transfer Switch, power will automatically be transferred over to your backup generator, eliminating the need to manually switch from utility to generator. When power is restored, the ASCO Series 300 Transfer Switch will, after an adjustable time delay to allow for utility stabilization, automatically switch the load back to the utility service.

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ASCO Series 165 


MCCB Type Automatic Transfer Switch

Rated Current 125~225A Voltage 100~600VAC


  • Extraordinary Modularized ATS Design
  • Superior Serviceability & Simple Maintenance
  • ATS-01* Intelligent Controller—Voltage Monitoring & Protection with Built-in 168HR Exerciser Timer
  • TSP-01* Voltage Transformer Module—Change Voltages Easily by Plug-In Connectors
  • BTS*—Transfer Switch Built with High Short Circuit Breaking Capacity & OCPD
  • All Modules Connected by Harness with High Withstand Voltage Plug-In Connector Sets
  • Complies with IEC 60947-6 Requirements