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Yanmar's welder generator set is in fact a rectified DC welder and a revolving field type AC generator. With its large capacity output, this unit has the versatility to handle a wide range of welding currents to suit your job.

High quality welds can be achieved at low current levels. Voltage fluctuations are small driving welding. The arc is easy to keep running, giving high quality continuous welds. Because it is a multipole generator, a reactor becomes unnecessary, allowing substantial weight savings, while reducing the possibility of any trouble at an overload situation.

A "slow down" mechanism in the dual starting version automatically lowers engine speed during breaks in welding, cutting both fuel and lube oil consumption. Combined with Yanmar's already fuel-thrifty engines, running costs are low.

Long Operation with Large Capacity Fuel Tank
A large capacity fuel tank is equipped for long hours of continuous operation. The YDW 190N delivers 15 hours of continuous welding operation (at 50% load, 50Hz) and 11 hours of continuous power generation (at rated output).

Compact and Lightweight
The Yanmar diesel engine powering this unit is a marvel of miniaturization with an efficient frame and useful weight savings.

Low Noise, Low Vibration
The Yanmar welder generator features a large capacity exhaust muffler to reduce engine noise, and a vibration-proof support to slash vibration and mechanical noise. The YDW 190N is ideal for jobs that require peace and quiet.

Durable Construction
Every part is designed to ensure maximum durability for many hours of trouble-free operation. An oil pressure drop shut-off system in the dual starting version stops the engine when lube oil pressure falls.

One-Side Control
All control devices and service points are situated on the same side for easy operation and maintenance. Simply key starting and stopping adds to the convenience in the dual starting version.

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RecoilDual Start
Type Rectifier type, DC Welder (w/brush)
Rated output (kW) 4.37
Rated current (A) 165
Current range (A) 50 - 180
Rated voltage (V) 26.5
Voltage at no-load (V) 45 - 65
Rotation speed (min-1(rpm)) 3600
Applicable electrode (mm(in)φ) 2.6 - 4.0 (0.10 - 0.16)
Rated of use (%) 50
AC Generator
No. of phase Single
Voltage (V) 200/220, 220/240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated output (kW) 2.3/2.7
Power factor 1.0
Type Single cylinder, vertical 4-cycle, air-cooled diesel engine
Model L100N6-GYW L100N6-GEYW
Displacement (cc) 435
Max. output/speed (kW(hp)/min-1(rpm)) 7.4 (10) / 3600
Starting system Recoil Dual (Recoil/Electric)
Lubricant capacity (Total liters/Effective liters) 1.65 / 0.6
Fuel oil capacity (Total liters/Effective liters) 13.5 / 13
Emergency stop (oil sensor) Standard
Slow-down device Standard
Frequency changeover switch Standard
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 720 x 510 x 632
Dry Weight (kg) 107 120